RA85: Ticonderoga NY

Rest day in Ticonderoga NY – 2.6 miles

Late night last night watching those great old movies, so late rise this morning.  Super 8’s super breakfast was a humorous attempt, but I did enjoy the coffee.  The team, including Jesse but minus Roger, convened in the breakfast nook and yucked it up for more than an hour.  It really felt good to be taking a day off.

A roll to downtown Ticonderoga to the laundromat.  We put our clothes in and strolled over to the Corner Café for a more proper breakfast.  Unfortunately, our order for French toast and burrito went unfilled for over an hour while the server and cook bickered back in the kitchen.   In the meanwhile, I left to transfer our clothes to the dryer, only to discover that all the dryers were out-of-service due to a propane gas leak.

A real long wait for food at Ticonderoga's Corner Cafe

We eventually got served and had a nice conversation with the restaurant owner, who said he’d led an effort to have the laundromat’s propane tanks moved from beneath his bedroom.   We returned to the laundromat and waited another 30 minutes before the leak was fixed and we got on with the day.  Man!  I was imagining 22 articles of wet clothing hanging off the backs of our bikes tomorrow.

Another long stretch at the laundromat

Some of the guys went off to Fort Ticonderoga for a visit, but I think that, while Jack and I would have enjoyed it, we didn’t mind missing it and just vegging.  I consulted with Roger for a while on route options for the next week, and through the Super 8 managed to print out a copy of our AC maps to the coast.  These should really help him because the roads in Maine are many and tangled.     He then joined us in our room for Stage 1 of the American Pro Cycling race from Colorado.  He again plans to camp in the outskirts of Ticonderoga tonight, despite our invitation for him to stay in our room.

Showing off some stylish tan lines.

Takout Subway dinner and Jurassic Park III tonight.  During the day I’ve managed to fully catch up on the blog, although there are many comments from family and friends I have not been able to properly respond to.  Please know that we love getting the comments and encouragement.

Tomorrow we cross Lake Champlain into Vermont, and face some reportedly steep climbs.