RA62: Rest in Davenport

Davenport IA – 7.0 miles

I woke up around 6:15AM to tear down my tent.  Oh yeah, I’m in a motel in Davenport IA – how glorious!   The next thing I observed is my watch reading 10AM.   Man did that feel good.

Jack and I rode about 3 miles south to a laundromat, since the machines at our motel were broken.  There, we found a motherlode of just what we wanted:

  • Country Style Ice Cream and Coffee Shop
  • Laundromania
  • Handy Dollar and More Convenience Store
  • Hungry Hobo Grill

I must say that I’ve never had worse laundry.  I’d have never added it in with Jack’s except that I knew his were just as bad.  Lunch at the Hungry Hobo (aptly named), then to Country Style for a coffee milkshake.  All while our laundry was laundering.  A visit to Handy for afternoon nibbles because we knew we’d be working on our laptops. The motherlode.

Everything we want in one row of stores

So here we sit, watching golf and movies, thinking about pizza again.  I’ve talked with all the guys.  Roger is already heading east and will meet up with us tomorrow night (because all campers got kicked out of the Davenport Ragbrai campgrounds this morning).   Jesse is here in this same motel, while Bill and Frank are across the street.  Gary has joined family for a day and will meet up with us tomorrow night I think.  As usual, we are a loosely cohesive group, and that MO has seemed to serve everyone well.