RA57: Ragbrai 2011 Day 3

Carroll IA to Boone IA

A very typical Ragbrai day, so I’m not really sure what to post about it.  Great riding conditions AM, plenty of heat in the afternoon.  I decided not to do the “Karras loop” century option, since I’m not really seeking to add miles to this journey unless somehow warranted.  Stops in the Iowan towns of Lidderdale, Lanesboro, Churden, Paton, Pilot Mound, and our final destination here in Boone.

Morning departure

I ate plenty of ice cream, lemonade, Sprite, water, and tried a lamb bratwurst from Greene County.   In Churden I was successful in spying an exposed outlet on the side of the bank, leaned my bike up against it, and plugged in my laptop to charge while I sought out lunch.  When I returned a girl spied me unplugging and commented, “Some people know all the tricks.”

Cooling off at a beer garden
My daily pie vendor

Jack started feeling crappy (head cold) last night and he labored through the ride today.  I rode with him for several segments, lost him in Churden, then found him again at a chocolate milk place that ran out of chocolate milk.  He rode straightaway to camp, showered, and crashed so I’m hoping he’s getting a good night’s sleep tonight.

I checked out several bands on the way in to camp, watched a pond swing, made some friends, and, as luck would have it, ended up 2 tents away from Jack in the Ragbrai campground in Boone without planning.  Jesse and I tried to take the shuttle in to town since the campsite was several miles away, but we waited so long that we finally jumped onto our bikes and rolled down there.  We found a bar and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of Fat Tires, such a refreshing thing compared to the Bud and Bud Light (only) served in all the mid-ride beer gardens.

Cyclists crammed into the bar

We found a restaurant called the Tic Toc here in Boone IA and ended up sharing a table with two Dutch guys.  They were extremely well traveled and it was a total pleasure to share their company, talking world travel, world politics, the Netherlands, America, and of course, Ragbrai.    I wish the food was as good, but alas, on that front we were happy to have simply gotten a table and a meal.

I am getting in the habit of buying a piece of pie “to go” during the ride, and then saving it for “tent food.”  Tonight I am enjoying a slice of apple pie here in my little green pod as I type away.

78 miles today, and certainly not as hilly as the first two days.  The Ragbrai party continues on with fervor. Talked with lots of people – and I wish I could spend more time to know some of them a little bit more.  I sure am glad my cold has lifted because I think this event exists in order to drink beer.