RA47: Double Happiness

Yankton SD

I felt energetic this morning and got up to explore around Yankton while Jack lounged in the room wearing out his netbook.  I found Yesterdays restaurant for breakfast (coffee, eggs, hash browns, ham, and pancakes) and the morning paper and stayed probably 90 minutes, then checked out Kmart (new cheap bike lock), the bank (cash), and the Fox Run Golf Course (for possible round later today).

Star Brite Inn, Yankton SD - Is anyone watching the golf?

When I returned Jack was just leaving to meet Bill and Gary for lunch, so I went along.  Another large milkshake at Roy’s Drive-in!  We considered bowling this afternoon but the lanes were a few hot miles away.  We also considered the golf but ditched the idea due to cost and a bad tee time (after 4pm), so instead Jack and I decided to vegetate in the room blogging, watching the British Open, and generally recuperating,   I worked on some details of a route option through Nebraska to the start of Ragbrai.  Bill and Gary must vacate their campsite at Gavin’s Point and so will move to somewhere closer to Yankton today – not sure where.

Dinner at nearby King Dragon Chinese place, a short walk from the motel.  I ordered the “Double Happiness” entrée, with beef, chicken, baby corn, napa cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, onions, and other stuff in “the chef’s special happy sauce.”  The sauce was actually delicious, with a touch of plum sauce in it.  I totally enjoyed the dish, which filled four plates for me.  Jack ordered a vegetable chow mein dish, polished it off, and then ordered another entire plate of fried rice.  Our server came by and asked, “Aren’t you going to share that?”  With his two dishes, we decided that Jack had achieved double happiness as well.  A very good place.  If I lived in Yankton I would certainly be getting to know their menu.

Double happiness at King Dragon, Yankton SD

Back in the room, and after a few minutes of digestion, we decided that DQ was in order.  Off we rode a couple of miles for sundaes and cones.  This mega-consumption of calories sure is fun.

Weather reports for here and around Sioux City are calling for heatwave conditions tomorrow and continuing into the week, with the “feels like” heat index in the 110 range.   Fine weather for bicycle riding :-).      We’ll have to be careful and drink plenty of water.  It’s probably a good thing we only have short riding days left.