RA46: Muggsy’s

Tyndall SD to Yankton SD

Gary was up fairly early in the Tyndall city park, and announced that he would skip breakfast in order to try to beat the heat and winds.  Jack and I rose slower and eventually regrouped at The Corral cafe on Main Street.  We contemplated a simple beverage for breakfast, but of course, we eventually broke down for a full egg, pancake, hash brown, and toast affair.  They make good pancakes, too, and the service is real friendly.

Winds this morning appeared to be primarily out of the south but seemed to have a small westerly component.  After breakfast we not only found those winds dwindling, but a wonderful cloud cover stayed in place as well.  Temperatures rose, but only into the 80s, without direct sun.  In short – great riding conditions.

What a welcome relief.  The spin into Yankton was just that – a spin.  Yesterday had been somewhat of a chore, and today the joy was again certainly back.

Rolling east on SD50

We rolled down the river bank to Gavins Point Recreation Area.  Just like last year, it is RV heaven – there are hundreds of them here and the place is really nice.  Jack and I sat on a bench facing the water and contemplated life, skipped stones, and enjoyed the peace and the day.   We then found Bill and Gary’s tents but not them – they’d gone into Yankton to explore.  Bill hadn’t worn his helmet, so we placed it on the top of his tent as our calling card.

On the bike path near Gavins Point
Tranquility in the foreground, Gavins Dam in the distance

Rolling into Yankton, our bikes seemed to steer themselves to Roy’s Drive-In.  Great little place – an authentic 1960’s era soft serve place, complete with real 60’s furntiure (chrome bar stools, and little booths) and  60s soundtrack.  Large milkshake time!  Just a snack.

On the bike trail to Yankton. Please identify this plant - it was about 6 feet tall, with buds. 🙂

We explore a motel but its office was closed, so Jack used his iPhone to identify an eats place called Muggsy’s Sub Galley – perfect to directly address Jack vegetarian cravings.  The owner John met us at the counter and made us feel very welcome.  Jack’s grilled veggie sub was perfect.  My steak and cheese has already been rated by Maxim as one of the 10 great sandwiches in America and was delicious (the pickles and peppers add a great sour/hot combo but it is well balanced, not overdone).

As we were leaving, John approached us again and wanted to know details of our trek.  His restaurant is loaded with all sorts of cool memorabilia (featuring the Boston Red Sox and Celtics, Lyle Alzado, and Tom Brokaw).  He wanted a picture of us and took it, and so I asked for one with him, and then he wanted one like that too.  So who knows – we might end up under the glass of one of his tables.  Great place – definitely go there when you are in Yankton.

With John and Pam of Muggsy's Sub Galley in Yankton SD
Another pretty wildlfower in Yankton

We’re now at the Star Brite Inn, finally again with wi-fi, a clean shower, a real bathroom, and some A/C.  I was finally able to spend some time corresponding with friend Simplicio in Hawaii about a future travel piece for his publication (his online site is at http://insideouthawaii.com/).  Delivery pizza and chicken for dinner.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Yippee!