RA41: Rest Day

Pierre SD

This should be the shortest post yet, because Jack and I did almost nothing today.  Did we see the state capitol or roam around Pierre?  Nope.  Did we check out a decent restaurant or two?  Nope.  Did we do any shopping?  Nope.

In fact, the two of us never even left the King’s Inn motel.  Continental breakfast, serious wi-fi/blog catchup, watch golf on TV, work on route options, use in-house laundry machines.   Bill and Roger came over to visit.  We discussed route options and decided it’d be a lot smarter for them to stay in our room tonight, instead of them riding 7 miles out of town to last night’s stealth site (behind a big roll of hay), then 7 miles back in the morning to get on route.   Jack and I ordered pizza, again, by delivery.  Hey, at least we used a different company.

The better part of our day

We watched baseball for a while, but then realized we should be watching replays of today’s Tour stage and so tuned in to catch most of it.   And th-th-that’s about it folks.  Roger and Bill slept on our floor, using extra pillows and camping mattresses and comforters.    One peaceful and restful and recuperative day.  And we really needed it.