RA36: Chill

Bismarck ND

Super chill rest day in Bismarck ND.  Late rise, then breakfast at the Super 8 feed trough.  Back to the room for more rest, wi-fi, TV.  Basically some serious chilling.

Among the few items we did accomplish today was a trip to the bike shop for spare tubes and also a spare chain for Jack.  Lunch at Applebee’s (I had a sirloin dinner), then I went shopping for  a Sham-wow since I left mine hanging on a tree at Totten Trail Resort.   Finally found a box of them at a CVS, took two out and gave all the rest of them to the cashier.

When I realized I'd taken no blog photos the entire day, I ran out and took this picture from the Super 8 parking lot.

Dinner at DQ (milkshake for me and Coke float for Jack)…breakfast of champions.  The finely tuned atheletes.   Mindless movies on HBO for dessert, then a readying of gear for tomorrow.

I talked to Jesse tonight, now 75 miles away and closing in on Omaha.  He has a funny story to tell of seeing a bag tucked up beneath an interstate overpass and going to investigate.  Check it out on his blog: http://www.crazyguyonabike.com