RA29: Rest Day

Culbertson MT

Excellent rest day here in Culbertson MT, after 21 straight days of riding.   It felt really good to lay in the sleeping bag this morning extra long, with the knowledge that I didn’t have to tear down my tent today.

Not much to post.  Breakfast at the Wild West Café, then some work on the bike (tire rotation, chain lube, clean-up).  Shower at the community pool (where I managed to freak out only one kid, who will probably need therapy after seeing my statuesque form), an hour at the library trying to coax Jack out for a milkshake (mission failed), then a milkshake and order of fries with L.E. at Scoops.

Gary and Roger - Bike Maintenance
Shower at the community pool
Wi-fi at the beautiful Culbertson Library

Afternoon nap, evening pizza at Me Too, then an early retreat to the tent.  We’ve got a potentially long riding day tomorrow, either to Williston, only 42 miles, or to Tioga, over 90 miles.  To preserve the options we’ll get rolling early.

Another evening in the park


Looking ahead a couple of days…current ND DOT information still shows our route around Minot open.  Assuming this works out, we’ll eventually be rewarded with a ride around Lake Sakakawea and over Garrison Dam.  But we’ll see when we get there.

Great rest day.  Most everyone did some bike maintenance today, had some laughs, and enjoyed the down time.  We won’t wait so long for the next one.