RA13: Rest Day

Sandpoint ID

My motel bed had 4 pillows.  What a thing of beauty.

We did everything we wanted during a rest day in the friendly town of Sandpoint, ID.  We slept in, ate breakfast outside by the lake, visited a bike shop and the laudromat (or laundrymat or laundramat), hung around the city streets with Roger, ate ice cream, hung around the gang’s campsite and drank beer (a fresh tasting local brew called Laughing Dog – comes in a ½ gallon glass jug), invested in blogging, and most importantly, rested.

Breakfast by Lake Pend Oreille
Laundry time - Linda, this is for real
The gang's RV camp in Sandpoint
Roger takes it all in
Jesse fixes a broken spoke
Jack picks a premium spot for blogging

In the evening we all got together a found a Mexican place for a team dinner.  We celebrated reaching a new state, celebrated having Jesse return to the group, and otherwise generally assessed the tour so far as “going well.”  I love how this group seems to be operating, with various tastes and desires and everyone willing to exercise them freely, without a need for group consensus.  We separate by large distances or days, then regroup.  We lodge at various places and in various modes, then regroup.  We have subgroups starting each day out hours apart, and then we regroup.  The regroups are good because we support each other, but I think the independence is an essential ingredient for each rider for such a long haul.

The gang walks to dinner

Lights out early for me, but not before learning that Jack brought his blog up to date and listening to him crow about being ahead of me.