RA7: Wonderful Winthrop

Winthrop WA

Boy did that feel good.  Jack and I slept in until almost 9AM, waking up and then lounging.  A little repair for weary muscles.

We didn’t hit town until about 11AM and found most places closed for breakfast, but finally located the Duck Brand Restaurant still serving.  Jack and I picked out a choice outside table overlooking Main Street.  Sitting beneath an oak tree, enjoying a hearty breakfast, about 74 degrees out, sun shining – does it get better?

Most of the team spent the night at the nearby state park, and we found them all congregated at the public library linked up to wi-fi.  Word had it that Winthrop had no laundrymat, and since their campsite was a hilly 4 miles out of town, they’d decided to roll over to Twisp for a different campsite tonight and to get some laundry done.

Regroup at the Winthrop Public Library

Jack and I hit the bike shop (new cyclometer!) and met a really nice mechanic there who will be at the Livestrong Camp at RAGBRAI this year.  We promised to find him when in Iowa.  Then Sheri’s for milkshakes, made with real milk and homemade ice cream.  WOWWW!

I’m currently sitting outside on a fabulous afternoon at the Winthrop KOA, running a load of laundry (the librarian found this place), watching the river roll by, shooing off mosquitoes, and messing around on the netbook and phone.  Unbelievably nice.

Methow River swollen with snowmelt

Jesse relocated to our motel and the three of us ventured back to Duck Brand for dinner.  Despite an indifferent server, it was a total pleasure to sit outside in the perfect temperatures and enjoy a good meal.

Dinner at Duck Brand

A wonderful rest day, and Winthrop has been a great town to do it in.  Touristy for sure, but plenty of eating and shopping opportunities, and even a good bike shop.

This blogging is getting out of hand