RA2: Lake Crescent

Kalaloch WA to Fairholm WA

A very rainy night at Kalaloch, but it finally stopped.  I slept quite well.  Temperatures dropped into the mid-40s, but the sleeping bag was warm and the tent dry.  I awoke around 5AM, dozed, and was all packed up by 6:30AM or so.  Sure was a good thing the rains stopped.


Jack and I took a long 32 mile ride into Forks.  The ride took us first along the coast and then through some breathtaking scenery within the Hoh Rain Forest.  It is incredible to see how so many plant species crowd into every square inch of free soil, sapling pines and ferns among the most prevalent, but pretty flowers and huge broadleaf species too.

Ruby Beach, up the coast from Kalaloch


Sapling pines and ferns vying for space

Some unexpectedly tough hill climbing was required to reach Forks, where we enjoyed our first meal of the day at a restaurant called The In Place.  Then a trip to the grocery store for tonight’s dinner items (more PB&J, some raw mushrooms, pretzels, and other gourmet stuff).  Jack and I finally found a cell phone signal and finally called our significant others.

Great riding


Jack and I had been wondering who would get the first flat tire among the RA team, and soon enough Jack and a staple answered that question.

1st Flat

Another unexpectedly difficult 30 miles to tonight’s camp at Lake Crescent, a place called Fairholm Campground.  66 miles today, another long day.

Even compared to last night’s camp on the ocean, this campground is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  Words or pictures can’t do it justice.  And we had the whole place to ourselves.   The photos here give just a hint, and by the way the water really is this magnificent blue color.  We learned that Lake Crescent is a glacial lake more than 600 feet deep, and the amazing blue color is simply due to a lack of nitrogen in the water.

We can handle it


Looking straight up from my tent
Lake Crescent
Dinner of Champions

If there is a downside to this camp, it’s the temperature.  We’re already well down in the 40s and it is only 7PM.  We might even get into the 30s tonight so it will be a test of the camping gear.  Glad I brought those wool socks.