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Yankton SD: Reunion

Bob and Diane both woke up real early. At the sound of them, I got up too and walked over to use the park’s restroom. It had a great tiled shower with hot water and sinks with mirrors, good for a thorough cleanup. Nice way to start the morning. Randy was up when I returned, and table settings were being prepared by Diane and Bob. They poured coffee for everyone, and then effortlessly (it seemed) started bringing out plates full of pancakes, blueberries, syrup, butter, and cartons of OJ. Did I say our new friends were generous? This was really

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Springfield SD: Bob and Diane

Rain in the early morning. As usual, it was a pleasing sound inside my tent, and, as usual, it stopped early on, around 7am. I got up before Randy and decided to again take advantage of the beautiful swimming cove we had, this time with towel, soap and shampoo. Wading out into the water, then up to my neck, it just felt so great. The water temps were around 77F, maybe 78F, very comfortable. A nice breeze flew in across the lake surface. Three bright yellow goldfinches flew past. No one else around at all. What a simple joy. While

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