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IM05 – RAGBRAI 2016 Day 2

Shenandoah, Iowa to Creston, Iowa Distance: 78.7 miles Ascent: 3,994 feet Cyclemeter app not used Cumulative Distance this tour: 135.6 miles Last night in Shenandoah was cooler than Day 1 and I think everyone got a better night’s sleep. A good thing because we’d need it today. This morning the three of us departed together but soon got separated, the norm for RAGBRAI. I grabbed a sticky bun and coffee in Bethesda, and then a bratwurst in Villisca. Compliments to Villisca – they really did a great job setting up the town for such a small place (population 1,252). At

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IM04 – RAGBRAI 2016 Day 1

Glenwood, Iowa to Shenandoah, Iowa Distance: 54.1 miles Ascent: 2,029 feet http://cyclemeter.com/51ced2364be66c17/Cycle-20160724-0706 Cumulative Distance this tour: 56.9 miles A very muggy night last night – no discernible breezes. I actually did not sleep badly but Phil got almost no sleep, stating that his sleeping bag was useless and way too warm to use. I do understand that. Accordingly, Phil got up early and packed up. He waited for Jack and me for a while, but I think when he saw how leisurely we were moving decided to take off down the route. Jack and I arose around 6:30AM – somehow we

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