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RA91: Rolling

Raymond ME to Brunswick ME – 71.2 miles This morning I was very pleased to see blue skies.  Winds were swift from the ?south or ?west but there appeared no sign of further rain, and the forecast from 2 days ago suggested that the winds would die down quickly today.  Time to get on with our tour. There was still no power in Franks’s house in Raymond ME.  I arose about 6:30AM and jumped into my daily riding routine, packing up my bedroll, pulling on cycling clothes, and preparing the panniers.  Jack saw me and groaned.  “You don’t even know

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RA90: Tropical Storm Irene

Raymond ME – 0.0 miles Periodic heavy rains greeted us this morning as we all (except for Roger and Jack) piled in to Frank’s car and rode off  in search of breakfast.  We soon piled in to Danielle’s Sebago Diner and enjoyed an excellent breakfast.  I hate to say it, but I’m definitely addicted to caffeine again after this tour, and getting my morning fix is starting to feel pretty good.  We also hit the WalMart for supplemental food since many of the guys plan to stay at Frank’s house for 4 or 5 days more. Back at the house,

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RA89: Finally Into Maine

Jigger Johnson Campground (east of Kancamagus Pass) NH to Raymond ME – 63.2 miles The group got up early this morning and all followed Frank on a beeline on US highways to his house, but I don’t quite know what they were smoking. The scenery is so breathtaking around here that, in my opinion, taking the backroads is a necessity. Jack and I rose last, gathered our crap and started down the mountain.  The continued descent made it chilly but the scenery was magnificent.  We followed the AC turn onto Passaconoway Road and discovered one of the prettiest passages yet. 

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