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preRA: Queen Creek

When the alarm bell went off Saturday morning, I just lay there in bed and stared at the ceiling.  Friday’s ride had been a workout for me, and the idea of a spirited chug with the bike club around the foothills of Ahwatukee just did not appeal. However, I decided I’d like to do a little pedaling this weekend, so when Linda set off for golf this morning, I hopped onto the still-loaded Surly and set off south for Queen Creek.  I’d always wanted to explore the passage down there, both by Ironwood Road and by Ellsworth Road, because they

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CG100 Pre-Ride 2010

Practically at the last minute, Jesse and I decided to take a roll around the Casa Grande Century route.  Both of us volunteer for this ride, held each January, so here in November we decided to scout out the route, take notes for course marking and maps, and generally make a day of it. All of this is very early conditioning for our cross country ride next year.  Accordingly, we both brought along touring bikes. Before sunrise Tuesday morning I found Jesse waiting for me at the McDonalds at Chandler Heights Blvd. and Alma School Road in south Chandler.  With

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