White Mts Tour 08: Springerville to Hondah

In the morning, Phil and I headed over to the Rode Inn lobby for a freebie breakfast.  We sat with two ladies he’d met on the ride yesterday, and talked about our riding experiences.  They weren’t wearing pink jerseys but we enjoyed the company plenty.  One of the ladies talked at length about the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, a weeklong 400-mile loop through Colorado’s gorgeous scenery, including mega-climbing.   Sounded pretty awesome. Jules soon joined us and Phil told me he again had gotten almost no sleep last night, so I’m not sure how’s he’s going to survive riding today.   After breakfast

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White Mts Tour 2008: Hondah to Springerville through St. Johns

Phil rises before the alarm in the morning, and he’s in his bike clothes before I’m out of bed.  He tells me that he’s gotten almost no sleep. We find the Hon Dah Casino and Resort easily enough on AZ260, then search around for a coffee shop.  We enter the casino restaurant from the back door, and find a very nice looking breakfast buffet on one side – perfect.  I even enjoy half a cup of coffee, for both the good flavor and the unaccustomed caffeine jolt. Phil and I quickly register and receive a map, door prize ticket, and

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White Mts Tour 2008: The Drive Up

It’s around noon and I’m just about finished packing gear for our weekend tour in Arizona’s high country.   It’s been raining up there, so I check the forecast, then give Phil a call to give him an update. Answering the phone, Phil says, “What?  It’s Friday already?  We’re driving up there today?”  Hmm…what more evidence do we need – that guy works too hard. I’m happy that Phil pulls his Suburban into my driveway about 3pm, and it’s me who is not quite ready, but almost.  We head east on US60, through Superior and Globe, then up through the Salt

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