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Golf Day in Ensenada

Both up by 7am or so. Phil was out the door early to get his cigarette-lighter air pump working on the left rear tire, which took a while but worked well. Both of us were fairly well sunburned from yesterday. We ate breakfast, cleaned up, packed up, checked out, and were soon on Mexico 1D headed south. The motel clerk told us to go about 17 or 18 lights down – I’d never gotten directions quite like that. We found signs to the Baja Country Club easily and headed east back into a canyon area between steep mountains. It is a

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Ride Day in Rosarita Beach

We were entertained throughout the night not by the group downstairs, but by numerous anxious fits of barking by nearby dogs. One agitated outburst of shouting woke me up at another hour. But mostly, I slept peacefully with my earplugs firmly in place. The ride started at 10AM, but Phil was up by 6. He’d had to check on a similar-sounding car alarm at night, and he’s an early riser anyway. I slowly rolled out of bed by about 6:45 and puledl on my bike clothes. We enjoyed bowls of cereal and more fruit, and made Gatorade for the ride.

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Drive to Ensenada

Met Phil at his place just before 8am, September 26.  We had originally decided to drive the X5 down, but when we added golf clubs, we decided to take his Suburban.  Phil was already packed and ready to go. We took Riggs to Maricopa Road, then the short cut AZ237 over to Gila Bend.  Phil fired up the Suburban once on I-8 and we were in Yuma in no time.  Loved seeing the dunes, and then the interesting boulders in the steep mountains before San Diego. We took I805 south to the border, bypassing the traffic in San Diego, and

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