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IM18 – Stillwater

Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin to Stillwater, Minnesota Distance: 35.5 miles Ascent: 2,171 feet http://cyclemeter.com/51ced2364be66c17/Cycle-20160807-1143 Cumulative Distance this tour:  844.8 miles Cumulative Ascent this tour: 34,412 feet Up early this morning.  It had been a perfect night of camping – serene and perfect temperature.   I took another long stroll around the apple orchard.  Magical stuff.  At one point I startled 2 deer who bounded away in giant leaps.   Around the pumpkin patch were lots of plants that reminded me of childhood in Pennsylvania…milkweed, goldenrod, and many others with unknown names. Back in camp it was peaceful and slow.  Jack and Phil were

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