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NT14: Land Between The Lakes KY

Natchez Trace Tour Day #14 Land Between The Lakes TN to Grand Rivers KY Today: 50.7 miles Cumulative this tour: 749.5 miles Only 20 yards from my tent this morning deer were pawing around. I took in the quiet morning sounds of owl hoots, geese cackles, fish jumping, insects singing. One fine morning to be alive, and here. Mist rose off the water, followed by a sudden chill that cleared it all, then more warmth and mist. Perhaps it was a minor mistake last night to pitch my tent beneath a big oak. Throughout the night, acorns would drop. I’d hear one hit high

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NT13: Land Between The Lakes TN

Natchez Trace Tour Day #13 Waverly TN to Land Between The Lakes TN Today: 53.6 miles Cumulative this tour: 698.8 miles All the sleep yesterday did me very good. I woke ready and fresh at 6 AM this morning. Jack and I returned to David’s Place for breakfast. I got a 3-egg omelet with ham. Unfortunately, when it came out, there were cupfuls of gloppy cheese all over it – the menu did not mention the cheese. I scraped off what I could and even then only picked on it. Jack’s veggie omelet looked way better. From Waverly, we took backroads

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