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UTCO1 – Cedar Breaks

From Cedar Creek UT to Panguitch Lake UT Miles 47.5 Total Ascent 5,273 ft (from www.bikeroutetoaster.com) My darling Linda stayed and joined us for breakfast at Main Street Grill.  I use the word “darling” passionately, of course, but in this case I use it actively as well.  To arrive at this starting point, Linda has driven us all the way up to Cedar City, and will drive herself back today.  And then she’ll repeat the process some 18 days from today, to an even further finishing point in Colorado.  A darling. After casting farewells, Jack and I were suddenly and

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UTCO0 – Drive North

Today Linda, Jack and I drove up to Cedar City Utah, taking the route through Flagstaff and just missing Page.  Once north of SR64 (which goes to the Grand Canyon), Linda and I were on new roads, mostly on the Navajo Reservation lands.   We took 89A and 89 northward, crossing the Colorado River at the very impressive Navajo Bridge. In Utah, we took SR14 westward into Cedar City, and only then did we realize that tomorrow’s cycling route would roll eastward on this same road.  I sort of disliked getting the preview. Today’s drive was the inaugural trip for our

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