2010 J&P Tucson Tour

I rode the J&P Tucson Tour last year, and really enjoyed it.  This is a great ride with a growing ridership, sponsored by Tom Adams’ operation Not Your Mom Bike Tours.  On this annual ride, Tom achieves a wonderful balance between providing support and letting riders support themselves, a great introduction to bicycle touring.

Friends Mary Ellen, Phil, and Randy joined me for this 4-day ride, and I rejoined many other friends from last year, as well as meeting new ones.   Details below:

February 11, 2010: Preface

February 12, 2010: Mesa AZ to Casa Grande AZ

February 13, 2010: Casa Grande AZ to Tucson AZ

February 14, 2010: Tucson AZ to Florence AZ

February 15, 2010: Florence AZ to Mesa AZ

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