2011 J&P Tucson Tour

In Jane’s own words, “The ninth annual J&P bike tour to Tucson and back will go down in the record books as ‘Remember the year it was soooo windy?’ ”

The J&P Tucson Tour is an excellent annual event, wonderfully run and wonderfully friendly.   This year was no exception.  For those interested in riding it next year, check out the J&P Tucson Tour website.

Below is an accounting of this year’s tour, from my own personal perspective.  Note that, occasionally, I take playful jabs at people, places, or events.  For this I do not apologize, but know that most often I am doing so with humor and fond memories.

February 17, 2011:  Preface

February 18, 2011:  Mesa to Florence

February 19, 2011:  Florence to Tucson

February 20, 2011:  Tucson to Casa Grande

February 21, 2011:  Casa Grande to Mesa

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