Preparing for BRAG Spring Tuneup

A lone southwestern prickly poppy growing beside Bush Highway. I was surprised to see it.

It been forever since I’ve posted and that’s because my bicycling has taken a backseat to other pursuits (see last post).

Even so, Jack and I have stayed in touch. He’s planning to do the Bike Ride Across Georgia this year and invited me. Arch Allies’ schedule won’t permit me to do it, but Jack is also doing the April spring tune-up for BRAG. It’ll be three days of loop rides from the Sunflower Farm south of Rutledge GA, and we’ll tent camp there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Live music Friday and Saturday. The whole idea is very appealing – see Jack again, get away from my keyboard for a week or two, maybe get into a little shape, and rediscover the joy of riding.

I can count my 2021 rides on two hands, and most of them have been errand runs in the 5-10 mile range. So this tuneup, supposed to be like 60-70 miles each day, is going to be a challenge. I have no idea how tough it’ll be hill-wise.

Today I took off for my first and only training ride, a 30 mile loop to SRR #2, then up over Usery Mountain, and a return via Brown Road (to add mileage). It was about 90F the whole way with full sun so I feel a little baked and still feel a bit lightheaded as I type this. A pretty strong breeze out of the southwest made the hill climbing and return quite the chore.

I’m heading to Jack’s starting Monday. I decided to drive over to make all the logistics easy (no shipping required). Besides, a roadtrip sounds like a refreshing plus.