Arch Allies To Play 2020 Iowa’s Ride

Update:  Organizers recently announced they’ll cancel the 2020 inaugural Iowa’s Ride (  Unfortunately that means we’ll have to wait until next summer, and hopefully do an Arch Allies show for the ride then. 


This past summer I tried out for the keyboard spot in a touring rock band and, through a series of interesting fortunes, landed the position.  Since then I’ve played 13 shows with the band – quite an amazing adventure so far.  Check out my Facebook page at

So what is cycling-related about this?

  1. I worked like mad all fall of 2019 preparing for the gig, so I haven’t been riding. 🙂
  2. I traveled a lot all winter playing shows, so I haven’t been riding. 🙂
  3. My band, Arch Allies, is scheduled to play at this year’s Iowa’s Ride! We will be the headliner on Thursday night in Emmettsburg IA, July 16th.

I’m thinking it’d be cool to get into a bit of cycling shape so I can do part of the ride. We are scheduled to play a show on July 11 in Iowa which is not all that far off Iowa’s Ride route. So a thought is to camp there a day or two afterwards, then join the ride on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, roll into Emmettsburg that afternoon, and play our show that night. The only hitch is finding the time to prepare. And I gotta get all my riding and camping gear up there in the middle of Arch Allies touring.

So hey…c’mon out to Iowa’s Ride this summer!  Thursday night be sure to catch a ultra fun night of 70s and 80s classic rock hits with Arch Allies.  You’ll be singing your ass off.