2018 Luna Lakes II

Another 2018 tour is on the near horizon. Jack and I have decided we really oughta get out there. As a team, we just can’t let the year go by unridden.

Both preferring a shorter route this year, we at first planned to cobble together a tour across Georgia, or something akin to that. But my car trip plans did not mesh properly, and neither was I keen on lugging bike and gear around the nation for more than a month. We decided to raincheck this ride. But darn, I still need Georgia for tour credit.

Instead, Jack and I will tackle the Luna Lakes route. Sure, I just rode it in July with Isam, but the route really is that good. One of the best around. This time, though, we’ll try it in early October. It’ll certainly be colder in the mornings, and I’ll be interested to see what else is different that time of year.

Speaking of tour credit, I suspect Jack needs New Mexico, so he will be able to check another off his list.

Jack and I have to laugh because we’re actually golfing more than we are riding this visit. What does that say about us? The Luna Lakes route is moderately difficult, so we’re not wussing out. At all. Still, sometimes I wonder if the rocking chairs aren’t beckoning right around the corner.