NR15: ACA Headquarters, Missoula MT

I slowly wake this morning, fully up around 6:30AM. It’s just too nice laying there in my tent. Salmon Lake S.P. is one great stopover for cylists – don’t miss it.

We make our way south 7 miles to the nearest restaurant. Cold this morning, but not as bad as the previous 2 days. Still, the heavy gloves stay on for most of the spin.

Unfortunately, the Stoney’s Lounge restaurant does not open until noon, so we must resort to the adjacent c-store for coffee and stale nibbles. We’ve run into a fair number of closed businessses this tour so this all feels about right.

C-store breakfast at MT83 and MT200

Proceeding west on MT200, a steady headwind challenges us. The tour is not going to end so easily. MT200 follows the Blackfoot River and winds around a lot. At times it’s quite a battle into the winds with legs that are weary.

Following the Blackfoot River
Last day on the road
Following the Blackfoot River
Following the Blackfoot River
Following the Blackfoot River

Thirteen miles outside Missoula I send a text to Linda, but have no bars. As we reach the I-90 corrider the text goes out, and I learn she’s a hundred miles away. No problem, we will work it all out.

Jack and Phil and I enter Missoula, trundle a few city blocks, and soon find the American Cycling Association headquarters. This is it, this is the end point of the tour. Jack and I have lovingly used ACA maps for years (including this tour) and thought this a fitting place to wind things up.

At ACA Headquarters in Missoula MT
Inside ACA Headquarters
The photo they took and posted

Although we don’t spend much time, it’s long enough to be photographed for the ACA touring cyclists wall by a very friendly ACA staffer. Afterwards, the three of us end up at The Old Post for delicous craft brews and lunch.

The end of another tour!

Brews at The Old Post

Today’s Ride: 46.5 miles
Today’s Climbing: 935 feet
More Stats:
Tour Total:  802.3 miles