ETP 2007: Three Days Before

Rest day. Wiped down my bike really well with orange cleaner, degreased and re-lubed the chain, and adjusted the brake cables and alignment a little bit, since the front tire was rubbing. I think the bike is good to go.

Just for fun, I checked out the route map, and made this little table of expectations. I assumed a flat pace starting at 16.5 mph, sorta slowing throughout the ride, up steep hills around 8 or 9, and down them around 23. I then adjusted the numbers to approximate a finish at 5 hours, which is my goal for the ride, which would be about 14.8 mph average, with a “wishful” goal to break 15.0 mph avg. I plan to take this table with me to gauge progress in each stage. Wind, blowouts, etc., of course, could totally shift the plan.