ETP 2007: Four Days Before

After learning that my friend Jack couldn’t ride in the El Tour, I decided, since the El Tour is a timed race, I’d occupy myself by establishing a personal time. Started out by reading my (mostly unread) copy of Joe Friel’s The Cyclist’s Training Bible, particularly in how to prep for an event, what to eat, etc. Learned some things about carb intake, electrolytes, etc.

I read an interesting chapter on eurogenic dietary supplements, and ended up ordering some online. The one I got is called Vantage and it contains some vitamins (B6 and C), minerals, phosphates (Mg, K) that are supposed to be helpful for endurance and cramps, ginseng, creatine, and some BCAAs (branched chain amino acids like L-leucine) that are supposed to be a good protein supplement and aid in muscle recovery. I figured, what the heck, if it provides even a tiny benefit, I sure need it.

Did only a short workout today, riding exactly 60 minutes, mostly spinning on the mild hills around my neighborhood.