Conditioning Ride #1

Standard conditioning ride today, up Bush Highway, past Salt River Recreation and the lake entrance, then south on the Beeline AZ87 to Fountain Hills.  I’m extremely out of shape, and so I took it easy almost the whole way.

Imagine my delight when I saw that the Maricopa County DOT is in the process of installing a full bike lane on Bush all the way to the Beeline. EXCELLENT!  The mixture of bicycle traffic with RV and boat traffic by the lake entrance has always been a problem for everyone.  Just think – tax dollars doing something really useful!

A new bike lane on Bush Highway in process!
A new bike lane north of the lake on Bush Highway in process!
Soon to be a paved bike lane
The future bike lane, all in a pile

Breakfast at Euro Pizza Cafe – this restaurant has its act together and the servers are sweet and attentive.

Fountain Hills
Fountain Hills

On the Beeline headed south, I just had to stop for this atrocity:

The work of idiots – this is around Beeline and about a mile southwest of Gilbert Rd.


It gets under my skin when cyclists act selfishly, and I can only guess a hoarde of self-serving shithead racers would leave a pile like this.  Thoughtless.  Please – NEVER let your group pollute like this.  (And anyway, buy a damn pump.)  But I digress.

Headed off on travel for much of June.  This 60-mile ride, which I found difficult this time around, will perhaps serve as the beginning of a fitness base.  I will hope to get in a handful of training rides with Phil in early July before we head to Iowa.