NT12: Rest Day in Waverly TN

Natchez Trace Tour Day #12
Rest Day in Waverly TN
Today: 0.0 miles Cumulative this tour: 645.2 miles

Man oh man, one miserable night. Big ole migraine hit around 3AM, like an ambush. Left side of the head only. Where did that come from? Beer, dehydration, exhaustion, A/C mold, cheese dip, processed meats? Who knows?

The migraine was fairly brutal up until about 9AM, and I then slept until 10:30AM. Not a fun way to start a rest day, but then, I guess I’m glad it WAS a rest day, because I couldn’t have ridden. Jack mercifully kept the room dark and quiet for me all morning.

We finally rose and walked over to David’s Place for breakfast. I wasn’t at all hungry, but managed some coffee, French toast, and grits just so I could also take 2 Aleve. Jack had a good looking veggie omelet and big OJ.

David's Place Waverly TN
David’s Place Waverly TN

The Aleve finally started working. My brain felt reset. Degaussed.

Back to the room for HBO vegetation, of which I remember little. Bourne Supremacy (blue and green chemicals), Beautiful Creatures (darkness and women), Ender’s Game (the rise of a young space commander)… My body felt rested but my mind still needed hours of sleep and I got it. Finally woke up again about 4pm to find all traces of the headache gone. Wow.

We crossed the street to the Food Sav-A-Lot and a Fred’s Dollar Store for goodies for tonight and our ride tomorrow.

Tonight’s fare: Ole Miss vs Memphis on an ancient 23” tube TV, with a Bella Blak Pizza on the side. My half of our tomato and olive masterpiece was more than I could eat. Ole Miss’ D was impressive, it’s offense highly suspect. They managed to win the game 24-3, setting up a huge shootout of undefeateds with Alabama next week in Oxford.

We then found a pretty high quality blue grass band playing on the TV, which seemed to get us in the mood to do more riding in rural Tennessee.

My phone rang. It was Linda, informing me that a huge rain had hit our neighborhood back in Arizona, and that our flat roof was leaking badly. Together we both coached my son to get up there in the downpour to investigate. Sure enough, the roof drains were clogged with tree debris, and the water was calf-high up there. He was able to open up the drains, then later use the Shop-Vac to clean things up downstairs. Crises averted.

As I hit the pillow tonight, I was already looking forward to camping in the Land Between The Lakes.