Two Wheel Journal Is Back Up

Two Wheel Journal has been down for about 3 months. If you’re reading this I warmly welcome you back.

By all accounts, my previous web host ran into some misfortune, likely health related. Back in November, the servers abruptly went offline and no one knew what was happening. Fortunately, they came back up for a few days. That allowed us site owners who don’t religiously back up our sites to do so.

In January, I played with this site locally, re-formatting it to what you see. The general idea is to format it for larger photos (800 px wide) and larger resolution monitors. That mission is accomplished, but it still needs work. Lots of photos need to be back-loaded, so for now, many are still in their original 510px wide format.

After signing on with a new web host, I then had to figure out how to transfer my local site files and database to the live site. This involved  learning, plus some tedious manual tweaking of my not-so-pristine database.

In the meanwhile, I have not been riding too much, just the weekly ritual to breakfast with Jesse. The February weather here in Arizona is getting to be quite fantastic, so it’s time to pick it up. Did a 50 mile loop last Saturday for breakfast at a great place called Ranch Home Grill at Thomas and 56th Street in Phoenix.

I have some tour ideas for 2015 to discuss with Jack. More soon.

Papago 150221
Papago Park in Phoenix, from the Galvin Parkway