Fountain Hills Loop #2

Another conditioning ride to Fountain Hills.  The skies were wonderfully overcast for the morning segment, presenting beautiful riding conditions.

Early morning skies out Bush Highway
Early morning skies out Bush Highway

Out by Saguaro Lake, I spent time on the lookout for a good stand of flowering senna for a ride photograph, but my eye soon caught sight of this beauty decked out with its own yellow flowers, later identified as Cooper’s Paperflower.

Cooper's Paperflower (Psilostrophe cooperi)
Cooper’s Paperflower (Psilostrophe cooperi)

I also took a shot of those purple groundflowers I saw last ride, and learned they’re called Trailing Four O’Clock.

Trailing Four O'Clock (Allionia incarnata)
Trailing Four O’Clock (Allionia incarnata)

Once out on the Beeline, I finally found lots of flowering senna grouped together.

Desert senna (Senna covesii)
Desert senna (Senna covesii)

Breakfast at Flapjacks in Fountain Hills.  I’d been to this place 2 years ago and thought I’d try it again.  I ended up with one of their specials, vanilla peaches served on tender pancakes seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg, along with a side of bacon.  The staff is exceptionally friendly there too.  I’ll be back.

Conditions turned decidedly sunny and hot for the return trip, up around 98F.  Still, the legs felt pretty good for the 20 miles home, so I managed to run a few errands along the way.  58 unloaded miles.  It occurs to me that I’ll soon need to load up the panniers.