Tame 2013 Riding

Tame cycling this year – perhaps I needed a mental break from it all, and of course life gets in the way.

Following the one day with the J&P Tucson ride, I picked up my riding in March, but started experiencing some as-yet undiagnosed digestive issue. In any case, I started laying off the cycling and started concentrating on golf for a while.

Jesse digging into pancakes at ASU Karsten grill

Much travel in May, a week in PA and another in CA.  At least it gave me a rest.  The last few rides since returning have felt pretty good, both physically and mentally.

Thrilling stuff, I know.  You know we’re getting older when medical issues start to creep so easily into the conversation.

Just hit 1,000 mile mark for the year, and here it is the end of May already.  Jesse and I plan to continue once-a-week breakfast rides through the summer – that and errands are probably as much as I’ll be riding.

Still, it would be fun to do one concerted touring ride this summer, maybe just for a few weeks.  We shall see.