Sunday Breakfast Club – Randy’s

44.0 miles total

Same route plan as last week, and this time I was successful in taking McKellips Road west out of Mesa.  No reservation dogs!  Still, I’m not going to recommend this as a great cycling route – the shoulder ranges from good to thin to cracked up to “no escape,” but the traffic is very light on Sunday mornings now that snowbird season is ending.

I got on the Greenbelt right off McKellips in Scottsdale, and so had five miles of it heading north to Chaparral.  There are lots of walkers there, so it’s slow and go, but most of the walkers are expecting cyclists, too, and so they usually give a good berth.  I enjoyed the roll past all the water features and a couple golf courses, Coronado and Continental.

I liked Randy’s (Restaurant and Ice Cream).  The food was solidly so-so, but it was easy to get a table and the service was friendly and high quality.  My kind of place.  We sat outside and enjoyed the perfect morning, discussing our golf games and other items of importance.

Return exactly how I came.