Fountain Hills 2012-2

58.0 miles

What a great day to ride!  Temperatures dropped from yesterday’s 90s to today’s 70s, coinciding perfectly with our 2nd meeting out in Fountain Hills.

Today’s was the usual splendid roll out by Saguaro Lake, with a brief stop at the river below the lake for some photos.  Particularly noteworthy were the ocotillo, fully decked out with leaves and flowers.

Southwest winds assisted the climbing around the lake.  The turn onto the Beeline faced me directly into them again, but at 10-15 mph, they were only a small factor, since the remaining 8-10 miles to Fountain Hills are a mild but steady downhill.

Jesse met me with a big grin at Euro Pizza, and we arrived almost in lockstep.  The ride was just as good for him, I think, and he was feeling great.

Great breakfast – we discussed all manner of politics, cycling, and especially golf. In fact, we had adjacent diners laughing at us while we demonstrated aspects of our evolving golf swings.

Long slower slog back southwest on the Beeline, with the winds increasing.  Still, the temperatures were nice, and I resisted the urge to turn onto Gilbert Road, instead continuing all the way to McKellips before turning back east.

From there, with winds helping in both directions, the remaining 12 miles home disappeared in about 35 minutes.  About 58 miles today total.