preRA: Weighing and Waiting

Jack sent an email the other day describing a ‘practice pack’ he’d done. Jack’s bike, with filled water bottles, some extra water, and some rations, came out at 89 pounds. I wondered how much mine would be.

Spent this afternoon gathering everything, doing some categorical weighing, and then a full load measurement. Unlike Jack, I did not add food or extra water, but did include 3 filled water bottles. Results below:

The 12.2 lbs for racks and containers always sounds high.  You’d think with aerospace materials and high strength modern fabrics, the container weight wouldn’t be such a high percentage of the total payload.

Distribution around the bike depends how it’s packed, but for the trial I ended up with about 60% of the weight in the rear. Common wisdom is to slightly overweight the front for stability reasons, but my rear panniers are a lot larger than my front ones, so they just end up carrying more.

‘Clothes’ includes all riding clothes, all rain gear, and all warm weather layers.

‘Electronics’ includes a netbook, camera, journal materials, cell phone, various chargers, and some playing cards and a cribbage board.  Clearly the most frivolous category – this may get pared down.

In terms of volume, I should have enough extra space in each of the six containers for camp food.

Interesting how close Jack and I came out.