preRA: Fountain Hills #5

This route is getting to be standard training route – Fountain Hills is a good central meeting place for Jesse and me with plenty of climbing and distance for each.

This morning I was hoping to link up with friend Ed Dumas and make the ride with him, but, through a series of misfortunes initiated by tardiness on my part, we missed our connection.

Red Mountain, from the top of "King Kong"

Took it easy out past the lake, for two reasons.  #1 residual fatigue from the lunatic club pace last Saturday, #2 the healthy NE winds pushing against me all the way.  But rolling SW down the Beeline was certainly a thing of beauty.  32 mph for almost 4 miles, and then I finally thought, “Why work so hard?”  Almost without pedaling, it was still easy to maintain 22 mph  and really enjoy the roll.

Nice breakfast with Jesse by the lake.  We talked about the tour, the death of bin Laden, golf, and the cycling club, not necessarily in that order.   Returned home by Gilbert Road so as to partially avoid the headwinds back to the house.  55 loaded miles.