preRA: Love Those Panniers

This started as a loaded conditioning ride to IHOP and turned into a shopping trip.  Sure is nice to have the panniers.  President Obama needs to learn about these – they could help solve our Middle East oil-related problems (as well as domestic health problems, traffic problems, pollution problems, …)

IHOP: Breakfast with Jesse and Gary

REI: Bought a touring jersey and a fluffier camp pillow, using a 20% off sale plus credit from last year’s rebate.

Landis Cyclery: Bought a new cyclometer for the Surly (the wires pulled out of the last one).  Also, Vanessa suggested I try some Specialized Footbed shoe inserts (the blue ones) to possibly help with my iff-y knees.  She taught me two cool new words, too: varus and valgus. Anyway, I tried the inserts on the way home and they really work – seeming to stabilize the knee into a more repetitive motion that has less rotation in it.  It’s one of those products that, as soon as I tried them, I thought, “Wow, these do help!”

Ace Hardware: Bought some metal fasteners and silicone glue for attaching some patches to my panniers, and a small pair of needle nose pliers to take on tour.

Fry’s: Two half gallons of orange sherbet.  Gotta love having panniers!

About 51 miles on a beautiful 80°F day.