preRA: Fountain Hills #2

Yet another loaded conditioning ride, same route as my previous ride to Fountain Hills.  I battled some steady 18 mph NE winds out to Saguaro Lake and up to the Beeline – a bunch of work.

Early morning above the Salt River
Hedgehog cactus in bloom

Jesse and I met at the fountain.  We decided that the breakfast prices in Fountain Hills are not a very good value, and so this time we both brought our own food and drink, and sat and watched the kids, ducks, and fountain for a good 75 minutes or so, discussing our upcoming tour.

Jesse and me at the fountain

While we sat, my bike spontaneously toppled over.  When I investigated, I found my Click-Stand fractured.  It is impossible to tell whether the stand fractured causing the bike to fall, or whether the falling bike caused the fracture.  In any case, no damage to the bike.  I wrote to the Click-Stand inventor/supplier and he is making me a new one.

These conditioning rides, especially the “loaded” hill climbing,  seem to make a lot of sense.  Jesse reminds me that we expect to be doing some of our worst climbing within the first week of RA2011.   Today’s ride:  57 miles and 2010 feet of climbing (according to