preRA: Fountain Hills #1

Originally I had a multiday ride scheduled for this weekend, one over in California.  Postponed due to 2 factors:  1) medium winds are forecast for the area (Salton Sea) for all three days of riding, and 2) no one will go on it with me <grin>.

This ride was a nice surrogate.  Jesse and I both loaded down our bikes and took off from our respective homes towards Fountain Hills.   Both our routes took us about 35 miles, mine up around Saguaro Lake, his up around Dynamite and Rio Verde and down McDowell Mtn Rd.

At the junction of Bush and Beeline Highways, I marveled at all the desert marigolds and pestemons in bloom, and stopped for a couple of photos.

I arrived at Fountain Hills about 25 minutes early, which gave me an opportunity to roll around the lake and then lay on the grass to watch the fountain erupt for 10 minutes.  Met Jesse at Flapjacks and we enjoyed a nice breakfast, including some lively discussion about the next American Idol.

Back home by Beeline and McKellips, about 61 miles total and 2000 feet of climbing.  Played with bike fit all day, raising/lowering seat, raising/lowering handlebars.  Tried out new 90mm handlebar stem too.  You think that after 10 months and 4,200 miles on this bike I’d have the fit right, but alas I don’t.

This ride was very typical of what I expect this summer.  I hope the weather is always this nice.